with love,
It's beginning to look like autumn and I'm glad because summer felt like you. If my red eyes don't see you anymore and I can't hear you though the white noise, just send your heartbeat out love.

Luhan’s ocean on his birthday in Nanjing. 

HunHan Moments: 
1. Whispers 2. Holding hands 3. Eye contact 4. Hug

luhan day t-12

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Happy Birthday to our maknae Luhan! I couldn’t actually believe that I’m here with Luhan celebrating his third birthday after EXO’s debut. I feel like weeping to be honest. To be there from the start actually makes me so proud and privileged. If we look back two years ago, he looked like a baby but when see the present that we have now, it’s almost as if seeing him become a man. As much as I know he was a man two years ago, but his appearance never helps. I actually view him as a man now rather than a little teenage boy that I used to two years ago. It seems like he’s finally showing us how manly he is, but again sometimes his appearance and personality never helps. Sometimes. Also, I hope he stays healthy and takes care of his health as much as he can. I wish he would have the most amazing birthday with his fans, us. I’ll say it again because he deserves it, Happy birthday Luhan!

You guys I leave for three days aND SUDDENDLY LUHAN IS IN A MOVIE W HAT TH E HELL?

exo through the ages via laptops→ overdose era


Happy Birthday to our deer Luhan!


4/ edits of the Summer Prince

To summer,
I don’t think the words “thank you” suffice. But there are no other words to express such gratitude. So thank you for the late nights you were up practicing. Thank you for the early mornings you’ve sacrificed with a bright smile. Thank you for being an incredible inspiration and showing us that dreams are worth fighting for. Who would have known that a boy from Beijing would hold the world and my heart in his hand? So wherever you go and whatever you do, I’ll be close behind supporting you.

I hope you drunk on the spoils of affection from your loved ones today. You deserve all the happiness in the world. The Luhan I know will always be the brightest and most beautiful star I’ve ever known.

Happy birthday, summer.



don’t forget me while I’m gone.

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Apr 19 +522

It never occurred to me that one could have such beauty and so much inborn talent at the same time. Is this what they call -  perfection?

Happy Birthday, Luhan.

생일 축하 해요.


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