EXO in lyricism (21/) → Maroon 5 “Payphone”


I'm not very good with romance! (╯︵╰,)

it’s okay i’m not so charming. you’re my first lover LOL

selukai // asked by ohdults

EXO as demigods → Luhan as the son of Aphrodite

untie the chain that sunk into your restrained heart
don’t stop until that moon disappears

hunhan requested by anonymous


EXO x MCM collab


do you have a link to that luhan milk boy fic you were talking about i would love love love to read it!!

omggg i wish i could, but jinju wrote it like a super long time ago and i’m sure she deleted it since it was on her blog OTL

hunhan based on “sarah smiles” by Panic at the Disco requested by exopunch

I was fine just a guy living on my own, Waiting for the sky to fall
Then you called and changed it all, Doll
Velvet lips and the eyes to pull me in
We both know you’d already win, Mm your original sin
You fooled me once with your eyes now honey
You fooled me twice with your lies and I say
Luhan smiles like Luhan doesn’t care

Because your eyes, nose, lips-
Every look and every breath, every kiss-
Still got me dyin’
Still got me cryin’


hello! amy (buxiban/gina) here and it’s been who knows how long since i’ve made one of these (i mean that literally i cannot find my first follower forever >__<) but i hit my next k and i want to highlight some of the amazing friends+senpais that have kept me on this site for three years OTL. you should honestly follow every single one of these blogs because i can be rather picky since it’s hard to find people who post graphics but these are all koala tea k :D along with the rest of my blogroll 

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